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Puppy Training

7 Basic Dog Training Tips for Beginners (Easy Methods)

If you love dogs, already have a canine friend or look forward to adding a dog to the family, then you are in the right place!

If this is your first puppy, you need to learn a few dog training tips on turning the little one into a great dog. Every dog owner dreams of taking his or her pet for a walk without a leash. However, you need to train your dog to behave well so that she does not run off into busy streets.

Most importantly, you wish for a dog that can respond and obey you so that they are safe. Animals can cause conflict with your neighbors if they are not well trained. Here are some essential dog training tips for any new dog owner can adopt.

1. Potty Training

Cleaning pet litter, every day and anywhere in your house, is messy and exhausting. The first step should be to train your dog to use a potty. This skill helps the animal to develop a pattern and adopt a good habit, such as patience and persistence. Find ways to reward the dog for the effort made. Here is a guideline that can make potty training of the most natural dog training tips.

Choose the Training Area

Train your dog in a small area within your house where there would be no distraction. Lock doors and visit outdoors on a schedule. This skill helps the dog to concentrate. If you have other people at your home, they must be aware of the seclusion so that they do not take the dog out of the training area. Allowing family members to learn the dog training tips you are teaching your canine friend can also help you get the support needed.

Avoid Changes

Try to be as repetitive as possible. Potty training is about teaching the dog a habit. You have to create a routine that your canine friend can follow all the time. Use the same words and tone.

Animals respond to well-patterned behavior that is replicated daily. You can create a schedule that accommodates all the day’s activities, such as feeding and playing. This training will teach the dog to respond to using the potty as part of its life.

Keep Your Calm

As the dog learns how to use potty, there may be instances where they will mess up, even after training for days. Keep calm. Rome was not built in a day! Besides, animals do not learn from punishment as humans do. If you lash out at your petty, you may drive it away from you. This is a time to build a good relationship and let the dog trust you.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Different dogs learn at a different pace, so do not worry if your friend’s dog learns faster than yours.

Acknowledge Efforts

You reward your dog every time she uses the potty to relate it with something good. Do not miss an opportunity to treat the dog. You will be amazed by how dogs respond to appreciation and acknowledgment.

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2. Recall Training

This lesson is the most crucial step among all the dog training tips. Training your dog to come to you is a command you must enforce as you train your dog. If a dog obeys your call, it means the pet cannot wander off, and you can protect your new friend from heading off. To help the dog learn to respond to this word, you should be elated every time she obeys your call. This approach will make the dog look forward to running towards you every time you call.

Recall dog training tip works when you do it in a quiet place so that the pet is not misguided by unnecessary noise. You can playfully move away from the dog as you call it to follow you. Watch your tone as you train the pet. Calling the dog in anger will not bear good results, according to do training tips. Make the dog feel that it is coming to you for fun. You can train your dog by showing its favorite toy or treat and acknowledge its effort when the dog comes to you by stating, “yes.”

3. Sit

You want to rest and allow you to have a peaceful nap or do some chores. Dog training tips will teach her how to sit. You can hold up a snack above her head. As her eye follow the bite, she will sit on her bum, and then you can exclaim, “Yes!”.

Let her have the treat. You will notice that the dog will sit every time you have a snack on your hand. You can train a dog to rest until she can obey you even when you do not have a meal.

4. Stay

Restless dogs are not only a nuisance but also a danger to themselves. The “stay” training will teach the dog to behave by keeping still when it is necessary to do so. You can place the dog on a cushion or seat and instruct her in a firm but a friendly voice to stay. You can celebrate the effort with a treat. If you repeat this step several times, the dog will learn to obey when you tell her to stay.

Stay Dog Training Tips

  • Teach the dog to keep a distance
  • The dog learns not to be distracted
  • Your dog can stay still longer than untrained pets do

5. Leave It

This lesson is a warning instruction. Your dog has to learn this skill as it will keep your pet away from danger. It will also avert unnecessary conflicts with neighbors, or other people at the park.

Leave It Dog Training Tips

  • You can wave a treat at the dog
  • Place the treat under your foot
  • The dog will go for the dirty treat, and you will tell it to leave it.
  • Pick a fresh one and give her while appreciating her.
  • Do this repetitively while using the same words.

The dog will learn to stop when you use these words. You can tell her to leave at the park when she reaches out to someone else’s snack.

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6. Lay Down

Hold a snack on your hand and wave it in her face. Bring your hand towards the ground, and the dog will follow the snack until she is lying on her belly. You can then tell her to lie down. Train your dog until she can follow this command without following a treat.

7. Train Your Dog to settle

Dog training tips insist on how to train your dog to settle. It can help you manage your dog when she is too excited or angry. An emotional dog can be dangerous. You can observe situations that make the dog sensitive and tell her to stop; for instance, when she growls at your neighbor’s cat. You can also excite her with games then, as she leaps you can tell her to settle. Train your dog until she can respond to your command to settle.

By adopting these training tips, you are assured your dog will behave well anytime and anywhere. Your interaction with your canine friend would be more exciting and fruitful than with an untrained pet.

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